Location : Montenegro
    Construction Land : 30.000 m2
    Date : 2019-2020
    Position : Electrical Subcontractor
    Referances : Demta-Ersin GÖKBUDAK

    Location : Dilovası / KOCAELİ
    Construction Land : 32.000 m2
    Date : 2015-2016
    Position : Electrical Works Contractor
    Referances : Rıfat ÖZBEK (Silvan A.Ş.) Bedrettin SEZGİN (Silvan A.Ş.)

    Location : Çerkezköy / TEKİRDAĞ
    Construction Land : 16.000 m2
    Date : 2015
    Position : Electrical Works Contractor
    Referances : Ersin GÖKBUDAK (Demta) Hasan KURU (Recordati)

A1 Engineering LTD.ŞTİ.

      A1 Engineering Industry and Trade Ltd. Co. is founded in order to provide engineering, projecting, committal, technical audit and consulting services on the fields of Electrical Installation Works I.V. and L.V.. We aim to continue the work we did till today on the electrical installation sector by this new formation with our always lasting enthusiasm. We intend to step always forward with our knowledge and experiences by setting quality to the front.

      A1 Engineering handles at in all details planned projects by respecting continuously developing technological innovations at applications of any scale. Important economic advantages are provided to the investor by right engineering works. The importance of coherence and coordination both with the contractee, as well as other disciplines regarding the application of the work in the committal sector is the key to success. A1 Engineering, who is aware of these, is achieving right results and right times by its specialized team and the team spirit it has. Details..




-RECORDATİ Pharmaceutical Plant Project is completed.

-SİLVAN A.Ş Cast Iron Factory Project is completed.

-ONE&ONLY HOTEL PROJECT in Monte Negro is compleded







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